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Audits. People tend to groan when they hear the word.

Audits demand attention to detail. They’re time-consuming. And just when you think, “Ahhh…it’s over”, there comes another one.

At Lucent Research, we tend to enjoy audits though. Maybe it’s because we conduct different types of audits, for different types of industries – manufacturing, production, and FMCGs, to name a few.

We offer:

Trade/product audits
Brand audits
Event audits.
Apart from saving you time, and the sense of satisfaction you get from putting your audits into our experienced hands, you’ve got a tonne of reasons to outsource your auditing:

It frees up salespersons to focus on sales, instead of struggling to manage audits and sales, simultaneously.
You get a dedicated resource to ensure that your product is well stocked, and well placed to encourage regular purchases.
You get a dedicated resource to assess brand impact via signage and displays, and how consumers perceive your brand.
You get a constant barometer of brand equity.
Understanding audits



If you’re in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, you’ve got a lot of stock in different places. The logistics of auditing all of this product, and complementary signage, are extensive.

You can’t always depend on suppliers and their staff to conduct quality control. They won’t always ensure that your product is chilled to the right temperature, or displayed prominently.



Signage and fancy displays at events are part of your advertising and sponsorship models. But how do you know that you’re getting top-of-mind brand recall? How do you know what consumers think of your product samples? Do you know if your ad dollar is giving you the ROI that you desire?

Lucent Research answers these questions for you, as we can monitor your locations/brands/events, as often as you wish, to ensure that your product gets VIP treatment so that you can maximize sales and long-term profitability.

Get your audit on.

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