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Focus groups are magnets for opinions.

And while some people think that a comment thread on Facebook or Twitter can replace them, nothing beats face-to-face conversations.

Deep, authentic, unscripted, meaningful, and unpredictable, they are a well of knowledge.

Focus groups reveal profound insights to brands, demographics, products, markets, customers, and employees. Do them right, and learn to integrate them with other research methods and channels, and you’ve got yourself solid data to aid decision-making.

At Lucent Research, we facilitate fluid cooperation, instead of rigid planning. We strike the right balance between listening and asking.

We don’t just ask, “How much?” or “How many?” We answer “why”, “why not”, and “what else”. We read body language and ask follow-up questions that lead to unexpected insights.

Every thought and feeling is captured and analyzed efficiently.

Probe your audiences’ minds, and explore insightful conversations.


Our focus group solutions include:

  • Traditional homogenous / heterogeneous (8-10 persons)
  • Mini groups (4-6 persons)
  • Online focus groups

Our full-service programs offer:

  • Recruitment and pre-screening
  • Expert discussion guide the development
  • Trained moderators to conduct sessions
  • Recording of audio and video
  • Analysis of findings and presentation of reports, with recommended courses of action



  • Understand the psychological processes that influence consumer behavior
  • Assess and understand what consumers/stakeholders need, and think of your products and services
  • Discover core motivations, ideas, and insights
  • Gain insights from hard to access audiences, such as busy executives, physically challenged individuals, etc.
  • Gain valuable insights from pre-teen and teen audiences
  • Learn how your product or service fares against the competition
  • Pre-test product packaging, promotional activity, advertising messages, websites, etc.
  • Gain insight into customer service experiences, and an opportunity to unearth methods of improving service delivery
  • Discover and explore experiences that would have gone unnoticed
  • Streamline strategy, with insight that informs marketing instinct to boost your bottom line

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