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Welcome to Lucent Research – home of mind readers, number crunchers, and inspiration initiators. Understanding people. Aiding decisions.

As the Caribbean’s premier research agency, we help you to view research in a new light – one where we merge traditional and non-traditional methodologies to give our clients the right information and insights to aid strategic decisions. We also remove the grey areas that exist between organizations and their stakeholders, and illuminate them – offering clarity and inspiration.

So switch on our lights, and explore what we can do for you. Sharing ‘aha’ moments – based on credible research – is our mission.


Lucent Research has been in business since 2007 as a qualitative research agency but has now evolved into a full-service research house that operates and has affiliates in eleven regional territories across the Caribbean:

Focus Groups

Magnets for opinions. Probe your audiences’ minds, and explore insightful conversations.

Depth Interviews

Sometimes you just have to have a real conversation. A one-on-one discussion that allows you to unearth new truths.

Ad Evaluations

Sometimes, all marketers and advertisers want is a little ad-knowledgement.

Product Testing

How do you know that your new product or package will tickle consumers’ fancy?

Employee Research

The most important voice emanates from within, and you can bet your bottom dollar that employees have a lot to say.

Service Evaluations

You can ask customers hundreds of questions, but are you getting the right answers? But are you giving the right service?

Mystery Shopping

One of our main tools, mystery shopping helps us to experience the customers' real deal.

Trade Audits

People tend to groan when they hear the word. Audits demand attention to detail.

Event Audits

Fancy displays at events are part of your advertising models. But how do you know that you’re getting top-of-mind brand recall?

Brand Audits

How do you know what consumers think of your product samples? Do you know if your ad dollar is giving you the ROI that you desire?

Brainstorming Sessions

We’ll be honest. Coming up with great ideas is difficult. If only it were as easy as putting some people in a room!

Stakeholder Consultation

Data tells stories. But how do you find the storyline in the midst of a noisy townhall, where emotions are running high?

Research Training

Admit it. Holding a report full of data that helps you to understand customers better to increase market-share sends jolts of excitement through your veins.

Research Consulting

Research is time consuming. If only you could wave a magic wand, and all your surveys, focus groups, data analysis, and reports could be finished – just like that!

Generating New Ideas Solving Big Problems

Understanding People, Aiding Decisions.

Field Officers based in trinidad

Field Officers Based across the Caribbean region / LATAM & Africa

Conducts Research in 16 territories across the Caribbean region / LATAM & Africa

Local & Regional Moderators

Affiliates across the Caribbean region / Latam & Africa

Why we are different

What started out as a dream in the living room of a house quickly morphed into an idea and philosophy that has swept the Caribbean region and has captured the imagination of clients and non-clients alike.

Our Skills

Understanding People, Aiding Decisions

At Lucent Research, our passionate team will work closely with our clients to ensure that their research objectives are met, using our innovative research techniques and methodologies.

All of our outputs and reports provide detailed and strategic insights with actionable recommendations so that our
clients can make the most suitable decisions for their organizations.

  • Research – 95% 95% 95%
  • Passion – 100% 100% 100%
  • Teamwork – 85% 85% 85%

Ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction is what makes us the best Company in our field.

From Our Clients


“From taking a chance with an optional small research provider over a decade ago, one in which we (CARIB) were their very first Client, we are now privileged to say that we have Lucent Research on board as one of our main providers of Research services to our Company”

Murisar Maharaj

Consumer & Shopper Insight Manager, Carib Brewery Limited

“Lucent Research has provided our company with the expertise and innovative techniques to unlock consumer insights for our brands. Ramon and his team are extremely organized and communicate the methodology and advice in a manner that has allowed us to arrive at solutions in a unique way.”

Lawn Davis

Operation Director, Angostura Limited

“Lucent Research is a modern-day research house that produces and submits timely comprehensive multi-user reports which are user friendly and provide significant insight. Interactions with employees are positive and staff are knowledgeable, professional, and willing to assist in any capacity.”

Kwame Blanchfield

Senior Manager, Group Marketing and Communications, Republic Bank Limited

“I have worked with the Lucent Research team for several projects throughout my career at different companies and at each time, they have given me more than I paid for. The team is very professional and thorough and they help you to maneuver through the data to find solutions for your specific strategic needs.”

Nataki Kerr

Marketing Manager, Standards Distributors Ltd

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Understanding People,

Aiding Decisions

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