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We’ll be honest. Coming up with great ideas is difficult. If only it were as easy as putting some people in a room, and…TA-DAH…You’ve got solutions to mind-bending problems.

Getting the right conditions for effective brainstorming depends on several factors. That’s where Lucent Research can help you.

We give you the fuel to create an atmosphere for flashes of brilliance to flourish within your greatest resource – your team.

From IT to marketing, each department holds breakthroughs in the rough. Resist the temptation to follow traditional thinking, and solely depend on trends, best practices, and what your competition is doing. Harness the power within.

Yes emotions and egos will flare.
Yes we’ll have to manage attempts to shoot down ideas, and get people to accept ideas that aren’t their own.
Yes your team will have to push through uncreative periods, break mental barriers, and consider outlandish or seemingly silly ideas, before getting their ta-dah moment.
But guess what, our experts are trained to channel teams’ output into ideas that are coherent and of lasting value. Exploring new ideas to aid your decision-making is where it all starts.


Facilitate fluid cooperation, instead of rigid planning
Steer the conversation, so that participants feel free to express ideas without fear, think in fresh ways, and work through challenges.
Break big problems into little pieces
Build cooperation, and focus on the problem
Design systems to coordinate the group’s output
Package the session’s output in a format that’s easy for you to understand


Use brainstorming techniques that maximize participants’ freedom to explore new ways of thinking, add value, and stretch their skills.
Develop new brainstorming systems that lead to continuous innovation.

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