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Sometimes you just have to have a real conversation. A one-on-one discussion that allows you to unearth new truths, and discover the inner workings of someone’s mind and heart.

People are unpredictable, and just when you think you’ve figured them out, that’s when they surprise you and reveal something totally new.

Lucent Research uses depth interviews to help you:

Create a setting that makes consumers feel comfortable, and open to dialogue
Get to know customers better
Obtain consumer insight
Gain access to busy executives, who may not have time for group activities.
Discover information that people only share in individual sessions, without the pressure of group dynamics
Maneuver sensitive issues, such as child abuse, personal financial information, and topical health issues, for e.g. the prevalence of lifestyle diseases and cancers, etc.
Dig below the surface of superficial conversation to uncover hidden issues and ideas.



You want skilled depth interviewers who know how to prevent interviewer bias from skewing consumers’ true opinions.

Depths at a glance
We use different depth interviewing techniques – all catering to specific, hard-to-reach audiences:

Traditional depths (special audiences, children, busy executives, etc)
Tele-depths (depth interview via phone)
E-depths (online depths)



In-depth probing of personal opinions, beliefs, and values
Very flexible approach, allowing conversations to go in various directions
Engage respondents’ subconscious and uncover the truth
Effectively understanding what consumers/stakeholders think of your products and services
Discover new methods of improving customer service delivery
Get to know your customers better. Contact Lucent Research to help you foster inspiring conversations.

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