Employee research

Listening to your inner voice

The most important voice emanates from within, and you can bet your bottom dollar that employees have a lot to say.

Getting them to say it… that’s the challenging part!

Staff meetings and intranets are great tools to foster internal communication, but sometimes employees feel safer talking to someone outside of the organisation.

Lucent Research helps you to discover what makes employees tick, and what they think about how management operates.

  • Do they really love coming to work every day?
  • Are they brand evangelists who feel a sense of joy at the sound of your company’s name?
  • Do they love their job, but hate their bosses’ decision-making?

Employee research is an extremely decisive tool within any organisation, as it provides detailed evidence of staff motivation levels, and uncovers its drivers. With us steering the conversation, we persuade the company grapevine to reveal some of its roots.

Lucent’s employee research methodologies

We use a combination of methodologies and techniques, including:

  • Surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Depth interviews


  • Determine key motivators within the organisation
  • Gain insight to employee experiences, and unearth methods of improving employee relations
  • Assess and effectively determine employee perceptions of the organisation versus senior management objectives
  • Gauge potential employment switching costs
  • Equip managers with the ability to make informed decisions about improving the organisational environment

Fruit from the employee grapevine isn’t out of your reach. Contact Lucent Research to discover what your greatest resource is saying.

Lucent’s 6th sense

Get consensus on what works, and what doesn’t. Contact Lucent Research to design your sensometre.