Product and package testing

It’s all in the senses

Tantalising customers with new products, colours, flavours and tastes is a marketer’s pleasure…and pain.

How do you know that your new product or package will tickle consumers’ fancy?

Sensory perception remains one of the most powerful branding tools in the marketing environment. Think of the last time you sniffed a perfume sample in your favourite magazine, and it instantly generated pleasant memories, or prompted you to purchase a new fragrance.

Product/package testing allows marketing and product managers to develop insights to customers’ preferences, when developing and improving core elements of products.

Design your sensometre

Lucent Research helps you to design a sensometre that still leaves room for imagination. And we get the right people to screen your latest ‘invention’ – with a nice mix of your core demographic, early adopters and people you didn’t think would give you the time of day. Isn’t that how some of the greatest romances are born?

Lucent’s 6th sense

Lucent Research provides a host of different quantitative or qualitative product/package testing mechanisms for a range of environments, such as:

  • FMCGs
  • Food and beverage manufacturers
  • Car dealerships
  • Financial services and products
  • Hospitality services
  • Public services


  • Pre-test new products, using quantitative or qualitative techniques to dig deeper into what makes consumers respond to your product
  • Better understand what experiences move clients from mere customers to brand promoters
  • Introduce flexibility into the idea generation process, allowing rethinking of product/packaging concepts
  • Delve into the inner workings of how the human mind, and the senses relate

Get consensus on what works, and what doesn’t. Contact Lucent Research to design your sensometre.