Customer Service Evaluations

Pressing the right buttons

You can ask customers hundreds of questions, but are you getting the right answers?

More importantly, are you asking the right questions, or using the right techniques to get those answers?

To deliver on your brand promise, and meet customers’ expectations, it’s important to know how they feel.

  • What do they expect from your product?
  • Do they wait long for service?
  • Do they really like your ads and products?
  • Are your sales reps friendly?
  • Do they sound genuine?
  • Are they doing selling and exposing all of your products?

From the rational to emotional, we consider all the various waves on which customers may think.

Lucent’s evaluation methodologies

Using qualitative and quantitative methods, we analyse factors like customers’ mood, the quality of your service, and how long they waited to receive service. Understanding what shapes their perception goes a long way in drawing an accurate analysis.

Tools we use include:

  • Surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Depth interviews
  • Exit interviews
  • Intercepts
  • Mystery shopping