Research Training

Be a research rockstar

Here’s what you get from a Lucent Research training workshop

Admit it. Holding a report chock full of data that helps you to understand customers better, figure out how to increase marketshare, and gain on your competition sends jolts of excitement through your veins. Admit it!

  • Now, wouldn’t you like to be able to discover the techniques that top researchers use?
  • Wouldn’t you like to learn how to collect data that goes beyond the superficial, and provides insights that put the competitive in competitive intelligence?

Most times, you’d depend on an experienced research company – like Lucent Research – to put on its sophisticated spy outfit, and use exciting (and not-so exciting) methodologies to deliver accurate readings.

And we’re happy to do that.

However, we also recognise that the Caribbean suffers from a lack of research in numerous industries. It’s a cultural issue, and a skills issue. So it’s important to equip your staff with the power to conduct research, and do it well.

We’ve focused our energies on facilitating workshops that cater to your company’s specific needs, and address issues that affect the wider business industry.

Open programmes
  • Learn skills and techniques to conduct and use research to impact and improve organisational issues
  • Gain an opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals from other industries, and benefit from their varied research experiences

Customised programmes
  • We analyse scenarios and problems that affect your company, and develop training programmes that suit your needs, and address your issues
  • We actually walk you through some of the research interventions we can use to solve some of your daily issues
  • This includes specialist, in-house training sessions

  • Workshops cover introductory, intermediate, and advanced research skills.
  • Participants will learn various research methods, and how to apply strategic and analytical skills to data, to help them to make sound recommendations

Industry relevance
  • We invite various types of organisations to training sessions to drive insightful discussions that encourage participants to think in new ways.

  • Build in-house capacity to conduct research, and save money on project costs
  • Develop your own research plans and approaches
  • Get certified by an affiliate partner through the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) of the US or UK-based Market Research Society (MRS)