Mystery shopping

One of our main tools, mystery shopping helps us to experience the real deal.

Our mystery shoppers visit your business at different periods and times, so you get a score and a qualitative assessment of their opinion about ambience, service, professionalism, and other key satisfaction touchpoints from more than one experience. This approach ensures objectivity and reliability, and captures the essence of the customer experience in real time.


  • Understand how customers perceive every aspect of your operations.
  • Gauge customers’ potential switching costs
  • Gain valuable data to help you to improve customer service delivery.
  • Understand methods needed to improve/streamline service delivery to positively influence customers’ future perception and experiences.
  • Compare your level of customer service within the industry
  • Understand consumers’ underlying motivations, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings.

Discover customers’ truth. Get the right information to steer you in the right direction.