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Welcome to Lucent Research Limited

Welcome to Lucent Research – home of mind readers, number crunchers, and inspiration initiators. Understanding people. Aiding decisions. It's what we do.

As the Caribbean's premier research agency, we help you to view research in a new light – one where we merge traditional and non-traditional methodologies to give our clients the right information and insights to aid strategic decisions. We also remove the grey areas that exist between organisations and their stakeholders, and illuminate them - offering clarity and inspiration.

So switch on our lights, and explore what we can do for you. Sharing 'aha' moments – based on credible research – is our mission.



Qualitative Research

Human nature versus hard-core numbers…Which wins? Honestly, there's no real battle here. Working together, these two can shed light on business issues, or enrich any information gaps. However, when it comes to understanding people, and situations where the unpredictability of human nature can make a fool of numbers, qualitative research stands firmly on its own.

It offers you the opportunity to gain insight into people's attitudes, behaviours, concerns, motivations, culture or lifestyle.

Quantitative Research

Lucent Research helps you to connect with the right stakeholders,Raw data can look like a foreign language. But, at Lucent Research, we bring data to life, translating figures into insights that help your business to chart its course. Shedding light on business performance, sales, supply and demand, and other key areas that directly affect the bottom line, we use reliable methods that focus on accuracy, context, and credibility.

Quali-Quant Research

When merging quantitative and qualitative methodologies will reap richer benefits, we design methodologies and tools that guarantee key insights and opportunities for growth. Get the facts about what customers think about your company, products and services. Lucent Research can get you solid data to help you understand your market and aid decision-making.